The National Trends and Services  Facet seeks to eliminate disparities by reducing barriers to services through advocacy, education and service

Service Activities to Increase Seniors' Health and Self-Efficacy as well as to Add More Joy to Their Golden Years.

The Chapter is partnering with Wartburg in Westchester which offers integrated, comprehensive senior
e services
to provide  hands-on, participatory activities for its residents.  For example, the chapter
members shown here presented
"An Afternoon of Beauty" in which residents made Easter baskets,
gardened and made squares for a quilt.  Chapter members also provided manicures in order to build in
an opportunity for sustained one-on-one conversation with individual seniors. The activities were

designed in keeping with the Wartburg's Creative Aging & Lifelong Learning Program and to promote
residents' health and sense of being able to
  contribute their own well-being. Time spent talking and
interacting one-on-one was a key aspect of all of the activities the chapter presented to the seniors,
o have indicated  how much they enjoyed the conversations and individual attention.


Building on the theme of promoting health and enabling residents to contribute to their own well-being,
members arranged opportunities for residents to participate in singing, as it has been shown to
have benefits for
physical and mental health. The seniors appreciated the both dramatic performance by
a member of the Greater Centennial Drama Club and the opportunity to sing during the intermission, as
well as their conversations with
the actor that took place over refreshments. A dynamic concert and
sing-along by the Youth Choir of Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, New York was also a great hit
with the seniors, who particularly remarked upon how much
they enjoyed the young people introducing
themselves during the concert and coming out into the audience to talk
with them at the close of the
This photo shows some of the chapter members who participated in this session. At each
of the chapter's activities for the seniors at Wartburg refreshments were served, therefore one chapter
member shown here is equipped with an apron.