The Services to Youth Facet provides programming that promotes early literacy with the goal of closing the achievement gap and also promotes achievement by exposing youth to enriching and challenging activities

The Young Achievers Program seeks to develop and encourage excellence in young men who are in their junior and senior years of high
school. It encourages students to go to college and provides support in the form of mentors and enrichment activities to assist them to build self-confidence, hone their academic skills, focus on college readiness and develop the life skills they need for success in college and beyond. This photograph shows chapter members and Young Achievers at one of the program's monthly workshops.

Chapter members, members of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, school administrators and community role models work together to conduct  workshops on topics like personal and career goals, college planning, college essay writing and interview skills, and time management skills.
The workshops provide opportunities for discussion, learning and networking that can address the Achievers' needs. In this picture, parents of participants in the Young Achievers Program are shown speaking to the chapter regarding the efficacy and value of the program.   

 Services to Support Male High School Students in Achieving Excellence and to Encourage Young Children to Read
Working with the Omicron Psi Phi Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and New Rochelle High School in New Rochelle, NY, the Young Achievers Program provides support to male high school students in the form of mentors and enrichment activities. This photo, which was taken at one of the program's workshops, shows the Achievers, members of a career awareness panel, New Rochelle High School administrators, chapter members, and members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.
The Young Achievers Program assists participating students to prepare for applying to college. As part of that preparation, the program arranges for the Achievers to attend
the annual college fair held locally in the Westchester County Center. Prior to attending the fair, students are oriented so they can take maximum advantage of the opportunity to learn about a variety of colleges. This picture shows two of the Achievers interacting with a college representative.



The Young Achievers Program aims to help participants build self-confidence and self-esteem, and develop life skills necessary for success
in college and beyond. To this end, one of the program's workshops focuses on appropriate clothing for various types of occasions and settings.
Major department stores send representatives who demonstrate how appropriate clothes can contribute to how a person is perceived and
therefore to their success. This photo shows two presenters at a Dress for Success workshop.


In addition to opportunities to learn skills, the Young Achievers Program also aims to provide workshops that offer networking opportunities. One
of the most popular workshops is devoted to increasing participants' awareness of careers, including those in STEM professions. This picture
shows a panel where a psychologist, a music executive, a judge, a West Point cadet, and a biologist discussed why they chose their careers
and how they prepared for them.



This photo shows participants in the Young Achievers Program listening intently at a career awareness panel presentation. 
Annual Karolyn Thomas Book Fair

The chapter's book fair is offered in partnership with the Theodore Young Community Center. The fair offers free
books to children in order to encourage reading and provide materials so children can practice their reading skills,
and to help develop children's love of books. Children are given a set amount of play money that they can use to
"pay" for the books they select. Math skills come into play as the children select a book and then calculate how
much of their play money they still need to "spend". This photo shows members of the chapter preparing the tables
of books for the fair.